Where does the sperm reach the egg

When it comes to making a baby, the odds are stacked against any single sperm cell ever becoming a zygote through contact and penetration of a female egg. That's if a man has perfectly healthy sperm — and if he has enough of them. Let's look at the numbers: Each second, a man's body produces at least 1, sperm cells [source: Dell'Amore ]. On average, a man's ejaculate about 2. Anything less than 20 million sperm per milliliter of semen is considered low, while 39 million or more per milliliter is considered optimal for fertilization [source: Mayo Clinic ].
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How Long Does It Take to Fertilize an Egg?

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Fertility Basics | Complete Fertility

For a women to conceive, her egg has to be fertilized. Even when the woman has a healthy egg and the man has healthy sperm, it can still be difficult to conceive. The amount of time that it takes for sperm to fertilize and egg can vary significantly from person to person or case to case. To have an egg fertilized successfully, you need to have a high enough sperm count. Although a single sperm can in theory fertilize a sperm, a higher sperm count increases the chances. The average, healthy man has an average of 40 million to million sperm. After sexual intercourse, the sperm travel through the vaginal canal to the Fallopian tubes.
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Sperm’s Journey to the Egg – How Sperm Meets Egg with Pictures

The ultimate goal of sperm is to fertilize the egg. However, to meet the egg cell, the sperm has to go through a long and tedious path. After they meet, many people wonder what's next, how long will it take for implantation to occur and for the woman to get pregnant.
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When it comes to reproduction health there is one thing that you should know and more things which are very important when it comes to fertilization. When a couple want to have a baby there are many factors that come into play and can help to make things to be easy or difficult. In men sperm can be the cause of infertility and this is the major issue which surrounds and leads to this problem. There are various defects of sperm that lead to this problem. In general sperm with defects will not swim all the way to Fallopian tube where the egg is waiting to be fertilized.
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