Nights into dreams archie comic

The story follows teenagers Elliot Edwards and Claris Sinclair, who enter Nightopia, a dream world where all dreams take place. With the help of Nights, an exiled "Nightmaren", they begin a journey to stop the evil ruler Wizeman from destroying Nightopia and consequently the real world. Players control Nights flying through Elliot and Claris's dreams to gather enough energy to defeat Wizeman and save Nightopia. The game is presented in 3D and imposes time limits on every level, in which the player must accumulate points to proceed.
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Nights into Dreams (Comic)

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Nights into Dreams Comics from Archie

The series starts off with Archie 's idea of how NiGHTS into Dreams began, featuring Wizeman and his Nightmaren crowded around one of his hands, like a crystal ball, watching an architect build a spire that would connect the Dream World and the Waking World. Noticing his captives were missing, Wizeman orders all his henchmen to seek NiGHTS out and capture him before the time to pass through the portal expired. NiGHTS then decides that the best place to hide the two red Ideya from Wizeman was to shove them through the fragile portal wall into the Waking World. Unaware to the happening in the Night Dimension , the architect witnesses two red glowing balls fly through the air and sink into the ground, thus naming his village " Twin Seeds. They try to help prevent Wizeman from trying his plans out again by finding the new perfect dreamers , Claris and Elliot. Snuze finds both Claris and Elliot but decides to follow Elliot as he goes to play basketball with his friends. Just like the game, NiGHTS into Dreams , Elliot 's basket ball game gets interrupted be a group of older kids and the head bully, Roger , laughs in Elliot 's face while humiliating him.
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Some people also interpreted NiGHTS as being more nightmarish, or believed they are supposed to be what the player wants them to be. The manual states that NiGHTS will scare or make fun of people, and does not have a strong sense of right and wrong [1]. That said, NiGHTS shows a sweet nature throughout the game and teasing remains lighthearted, though they still can be impatient and impulsive. NiGHTS is quite proud and acts with flourish, scoffs when Owl indicates they might be frightened and seems to make a statement to rise to Reala's challenges without help. NiGHTS, in their most recent design, has a thin, humanoid form, beige skin and large blue eyes with vertical slit pupils.
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